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About Us:

NetOpen is an initiative based on the principle that your digital identity and data belong to you and you alone.

We have created an alternative, safe space for you to interact with friends and associates you know through existing social networks.

The way it works is this: you claim your online identity by using the same username you use there.

Once you have claimed your identity and logged into the system, you can search for your friends, and connect through our feature-rich chat server. In addition to one-on-one private messaging, you can create private or public channels for group discussions, upload and share files, and do many fun things together.

There is a process where we validate that users actually have accounts on the associated social network site. Valid users have a "V" next to their name in channels and private messages. You will also see the "V" under "Roles" in their user information page (just click on the username to see the info page).

If you attempt to sign up and get an error stating that your username is already taken, please email admin@netopen.net and we will do our best to resolve the situation. Users who have taken usernames that do not reflect real accounts at the specified site will be deleted from the system. Repeated attempts to sign up with names that cannot be validated will result in blocking.

Please be courteous and respectful.

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Happy connecting!

The team at NetOpen